Birch Bark Terms & Conditions - Please Read Carefully Animals All animals are boarded at Birch Bark Kennels & Cattery for Dogs and Cats at the owner's risk.  No animal will be accepted unless proof of inoculation and (for dogs) Kennel Cough vaccination is provided 4 weeks prior to due boarding date. No male cats will be accepted if not neutered over the age of 7 months; proof of neutering is required for all cats over the age of 7 months. Deposits When you make a booking by any method of communication should it be telephone, email, what's App, in person etc.,   your booking is not confirmed until we have received the agreed deposit.  If this has not yet been transacted, please telephone us to make the payment as soon as possible.  All bookings must be accompanied by details of an up to date transaction card in due of any cancellations. We do not offer refunds unless an error has been made during booking which is attributable to a fault by Birch Bark Kennels & Cattery. Please note that we do not accept cheques. Deposits can only be made by cash or card Visa Debit Card deposits or cash is accepted for under £50 for deposits only. Cancellations Deposits are non-refundable.  In the event of a cancellation of any booking we will apply a cancellation fee of 50% of the full value of the cancelled booking. Note: This will be transacted via the card details given when booking was placed. Late Cancellation We reserve the right to charge for the whole period originally booked in the event of late cancellation, non-attendance/arrival, or late adjustment to the original period booked. Late cancellation or late adjustment of the original period booked will be based on our likelihood of re-booking the dates in question to another prospective customer. Early Collections If your pet is collected before the due date of collection previously advised, we reserve the right to charge for the previous period intended.  The date entered on the Boarding Agreement will prevail.  This is because we can only take other bookings for periods that have not been booked by others.  It will be highly likely that we would have turned away other prospective customers for the day/days in question.  Payment We will require full payment for the booking by card or cash when the animal leaves.  We will not accept card transaction for payments under £50 when payment is being finalised. Vaccination Cards on Arrival An up to date vaccine card showing all recent vaccines must accompany all guests, both canine and feline.  We may not be able to accept your pet if this card is not present at time of arrival.  No refund will be made if this is the case. Food We offer different variety of moist foods for cats and dogs.  The kennel dry food for dogs is Skinners and for the cats Supacat. We will advise anyone wishing to keep their pets on own diet whilst in please bring enough to cover the stay and any pet on a veterinary diet for any medical reasons must be kept on it whilst boarding. Medication & Notification of Medical Conditions As through kennels we need to ensure your pet receives its medication whilst in, dealing with a lot of boarders takes time and medication schedule is carried out as and when it's required. Charges of giving medication are as follows: Dog's normal medication and herbal remedies: 50p per day Diabetic dogs: £1.00 per day Cat's medication: £1 per day If an animal has a medical condition of any sort we must be notified at the time of booking.  If we have not been notified of such a condition or course of medication, we reserve the right to refuse admission.  If a cat has previously suffered from Cat Flu within 6 weeks before due boarding date it will not be accepted or a dog has suffered in the last 4 weeks before due boarding date of kennel cough it will not be accepted. Flea & worming Treatment All cats must be covered by flea treatment such as 'Frontline' 'Stronghold 'or 'Advantage' before they are boarded. All dogs with an effective Wormer such as 'Drontal' or 'Panacure'.  This should be taken at least a good 2 weeks before coming into the Kennels/Cattery.  Please check with your Veterinary Surgery on how long each product will protect your pet. Minimum Age In normal circumstance we would operate a minimum age policy of 4 plus months, (as long as all required vaccines to date). Maximum Age We operate a maximum age policy of 11 for standard, small and medium age breeds.  If a dog is a large/maxi/giant breed this maximum age may reduce.  Please consult with Kennel owner if in doubt. Emergency Contact Numbers On your pets arrival you will be asked for an emergency contact telephone number.  This may be a friend, relative or neighbour or even your own mobile number (Please ensure reception is satisfactory in your destination). Aggressive/Destructive Temperaments We do not encourage animals with aggressive or destructive temperaments.  In cases where animals are left that prove to be aggressive towards other animals or staff, or destructive to our facilities, we will contact you to arrange their removal.  All damage caused by an animal to any area or to any of the kennel Kuranda dog beds will be chargeable to the Animal Owner. Any family dogs that start any aggression towards each other will be parted and a fee will be charged in full for the second kennel used during the boarding period. Pregnant Bitches We must be informed of any pregnant bitches when booking in, we will not accept any pregnant bitches after they are four weeks gone. Bedding & Toys & Walking Gear For dogs we supply the Kuranda dog bed in each pen and bed will suit whatever size your pet is.  We allow blankets and your dog's own plastic bedding but prefer not to take duvets or bedding that contains stuffing.  We also prefer hard toys please no toys with stuffing. For cats we supply a hard plastic bed, if using the cattery beds we ask customers to bring a blanket for our bed, however you can bring your cats own bedding and any toys you may wish to bring.  Litter trays, scratchers and toys are provided.  Please ask the cattery if you want to bring any of your cats own items. Fees Our fees are inclusive of bedding, food and heating for your pet, there's no allowance for a pet staying on its own food.  Our fees are charged on a 'per day inclusive' basis.  This includes both the day of arrival and departure inclusive.   Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day is an additional charge on top of the boarding costs. Please ask when booking in the cost of the boarding dates should you want to no. Public Holidays We are closed to the public on Bank Holidays, please arrange suitable times and dates with management for over bank holiday periods.  We are closed Easter Sunday & Easter Monday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day Extra Services We provide extra dog walking services to a local park and lake should you wish this for your pets whilst in, please enquire when booking in if you want to proceed with any of the services. Grooming There is a groomers on site should anyone want to get their little ones washed or groomed for leaving.  This must be booked with the groomers via the kennels due to handing over day for the grooming to take place.  We do prefer all pets to be groomed on day of departure.  Please note, the groomer on site is not the same business as the kennels, and all monies must be paid directly to the groomers on collection of your pets. Message from the Owner We do hope you choose Birch Bark Kennels & Cattery for your pet's forth-coming holiday.  Over the last 9 years we have established enviable reputation among the Pet Boarding industry. Our customers include Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses, doctors, Dentist, International Sports Men & Women, and T.V. & Radio Personalities. We realise you have a choice in where your Pet stays and strive to mirror your own daily routine as much as possible. We are continually trying to improve our facilities and services that we offer and would welcome any suggestions you may feel relevant. We are a DARD approved Boarding Kennels & Cattery and have an annual inspection of our premises every year.