Big & Small... We Welcome All Small caged animals and other pets are always welcome at Birch Bark too and family members will be allowed to remain together as requested by you. We can cater for any pet big and small, including... Dogs & Cats Caged Birds Reptiles Rabbits Tortoises Aquarium Fish Caged Rodents Plus More... Contact us about boarding your pet and we’ll make sure they are well accommodated during their stay. Our customers’ instructions regarding feeding and exercise routines will be adhered to. Feeding is provided in the cost but customers’ wishing to bring their own pet’s diet will be catered for. Please feel free to bring your pets own bedding and toys which will help make them feel more comfortable whilst their stay. Background music is played to create a relaxing homely atmosphere for your pet. Veterinary Care for Birch Bark is P. Murray Veterinary Clinic, Lurgan. Viewing Highly Recommended. DARD APPROVED “A warm welcome awaits you at Birch Bark!”